Event Planning Step by Step…

Planning an event can be overwhelming and time consuming. There are some of us who love to play event planner and then there are those of us who can’t keep track of the days nonetheless plan a party. Last year I celebrated by birthday which is in the spring. I had this vision of spring blossom and pastels everything. I had no clue as to what I was getting myself into but I did learn a lot during the process which is why I want to share with you an easy guide that will guide you step by step.

  1. Create a story for your Celebration. As I mentioned before my birthday is March 22 which is a day after the first day of spring. Last year my vision was pastels and lots of flowers. Once you have your story start researching similar styles and pick one that you like best.

  2. Pick a Day. After you’ve created the theme for your event pick a date that best fits your schedule and your guest. I suggest setting a date three months in advanced or at least two months. That will give you enough time to budget, plan and execute accordingly.

  3. Send out Invitations. It is important to send out invitations with enough time for your guest to save the date. How many times have you received an invitation short notice and can not make it. This I would say is one of the most important details. I love to use

    basicinvite.com because they are one of the only websites which have unlimited colors. This makes creating your invite super easy because you can choose from over 180 color options finding the perfect color to match your event theme. Another great feature of basicinvite.com is that they are one of the few websites which allows you to print a sample of your invite before you place your order. This way you to see the quality of paper and actual colors before placing your final order. My favorite feature is the address capturing service. This service gives you a link to share on all social media platforms such as facebook, instagram and twitter to request friends and families addresses. The recipients addresses can then be printed automatically saving you a ton of time. I will share some useful links to basicinvite.com below, images of sample invites and a 15% coupon code.

  4. Set a budget and hire an event planning company. Sticking to your budget when doing everything yourself can be difficult and frustrating. There are a ton of event planning companies which will work with very small budgets as well as large budgets. You can find yourself spending on unnecessary things as well as having a ton of do-it-yourself projects gone wrong. Hire professionals that will bring your theme to life by sticking to your budget.

I hope this Event Planning Guide makes planning your next event easy and enjoyable. Below you can find samples of super cute invites, coupon codes and direct links. Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to share your event planning experiences below.

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